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Ann’s House Alfred University

Alfred, NY

Alfred University set a goal to provide students with a new living experience on campus and also to demonstrate their commitment to sustainable design. Through the generosity of a major donor, the University initially intended to renovate a former fraternity house into a new dorm. When the overall goals of the project were identified, it became clear that a new building would be a better solution. Further support from the donors allowed the building to pursue a LEED certification.

By studying the site and building design requirements, the final design located the structure closer to the main flow of campus traffic. This helped the building to become more visually prominent, with the parking screened by the building. At only 48 beds, this student housing project is specifically designed to provide more privacy than the typical dormitory found on campus. The resulting building has redefined concepts of campus living at Alfred University. It is the intent of the University to make Ann’s House the model for future student housing on campus.