Gates Volunteer Ambulance :

Gates Volunteer Ambulance

Gates, NY

Gates Volunteer Ambulance has been providing emergency services to the Town of Gates for over 40 years. In 2010, the Town of Gates elected to sell their under-utilized Public Safety Building to GVA for use as a modern base of operations. HBT Architects was selected to lead the design team for a major renovation and expansion to the existing building. After a series of input sessions involving the membership and the local community, programming and design were completed. GVA wanted to utilize as much of the existing building as possible but wanted it to feel warm and inviting to visitors and also to help attract new members. New ambulance bays were added, new exterior cladding was used to cover areas of existing painted block and a new board room and training rooms provided opportunities to break up the existing roof line along the front of the building.


Providing an ambulance base that is a symbol of a growing community.



Gates Volunteer Ambulance




Architectural Design, Architectural Interiors, Project Management


15,705 SF



“The design team brought warmth, approachability and function to an existing civic building with a severe aesthetic. Incorporation of an addition along with a prominent meeting room, light filled training space and timber framed entry accomplished that goal.”

Kate Anderson

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